Pink French with Flower Pattern

Pink black white flower konad stamping

This time I was in the mood to do stamping. I have to admit that you should be patient enough to master stamping technique. Even I consider myself as a beginner in this subject.

I picked the flower pattern from m73 stamping plate by Konad. This image is too small to cover the whole surface of my nails, that’s why I came up with the idea to paint my tips pink. I used W7 — 78 Fuchsia to create square french manicure with the straight tip line. However, I had to apply three coats to cover up the translucent black flower pattern.

You also might have noticed that I just switched the shape of my nails from round to ‘squarish’. The shape is not perfect yet, but hopefully, I’ll manage to refine it later, when my nails get a bit longer.

Hey, check out the handmade bead stuff that my cousin does! That’s world famous Nyan Cat!

Nyan Cat bead work