Glitter Jelly Sandwich: First Tryout

Glitter jelly sandwich

Glitter Jelly Sandwich technique dulls the glitter to create a more subtle and delicate look. In other words, your manicure will be glossy and shiny, but not too sparkling.

This is my first tryout of the glitter sandwich technique. I can’t say that this attempt was successful, but not a disaster either. Anyways, we always need something to start from. A good thing about this mani is that I managed to achieve the effect of depth, which means that some glitter sparkle more, and some glitter “sank” deeper into the nail.

Next time I will probably use larger glitter, and it won’t necessarily be glitter nail varnish. Sometimes ordinary decorative glitter is easier to apply accurately and it’s much cheaper as well.

It’s very simple to create this look: it’s all about layering two types of nail polishes: Glitter and Sheer.

Glitter Jelly Sandwich

How I made this

  1. Apply one coat of Barbara Daly — Sweetie.
  2. Next, apply one coat of glitter nail polish, I used the one from Primark Beauty — fine purple, blue and silver glitter. Unfortunately, this nail polish dries very slowly. However what would you expect for this price (2£ for 4 bottles)?
  3. Then, apply your sheer nail polish again. Let it dry.
  4. Apply some more glitter again.
  5. Finish your manicure with one more layer of sheer nail varnish and a top coat to smooth your nails from glitter.

Glitter Jelly Sandwich

Nail polishes in this manicure:

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