Blue Glitter Manicure with Gold Rhinestones

Blue glitter polish square studs

This manicure turned out cool and unusual. I never did anything like this before. Manicure summary: orange rhinestones, tiny gold beads and gold square studs over deep blue glitter that was applied to natural nails.

Glitter Blue Nails with Gold Studs

How I made this

  1. Since we’re applying glitter, which can scratch your nails, start with a base coat. It’s mandatory!
  2. It is completely optional, but to eliminate gaps of glitter, I applied one coat of blue nail polish. Do your nails one by one: while the nail polish is wet, dip your finger into the pot of dry glitter.
  3. With any slow drying clear nail polish seal 3 mm rhinestones, 1 mm beads and 3 mm square studs in the way that you like.
  4. To make your nails smooth to touch, finish your manicure with at least three layers of the top coat. Don’t forget to let your nails completely dry before applying coats.

Glitter Blue Nails with Gold Studs

The bug adores my nails.
Glitter Blue Nails with Gold Studs

The idea of this manicure was taken from July/August 2013 Nail It Magazine’s cover. However, I couldn’t see the design completely, that’s why I changed it to my taste.
Glitter Blue Nails with Gold Studs

Nail It Magazine cover taken from