Cute Pastel Dots

Pastel polka dots nail art

Polka dots always look cute on nails, but in combination with pastel nail polishes — cuteness just overloads! You may have already noticed that the design of my website is full of polka dots. I made this in honor of my favourite nail design style.

I took the idea of this design from JeeA Lee’s Nail blog, all credits to her.

Pastel polka dots nails

To recreate this design you will need

  1. Apply a base coat to protect your natural nails.
  2. Now you need two coats of nail polish for each finger:
    thumb and pinky — Barbara Daly — Carousel;
    index finger — Barbara Daly — Think Pink;
    middle finger — Barbara Daly — Snow;
    ring finger — Barbara Daly — Zest.
  3. With a dotting tool apply white dots to all your nails, except the middle finger — use lilac nail polish on this one.